Sponsorship Information

(GRADUATED) Zingthanwo Jajo

Born: 1998

Thank God for such a privilege to express something about my family background. I am the mother of 7 children. After I got married, my husband became a heavy drunkard and he tortured us all the time and is now mad. I am the only one who cares for my children regarding their schooling by earning daily wages. I couldn’t send all of them so they stopped their studying. Last year, our brother Jamishon took my daughter Zingthanwo to the Precious Children’s Home in Kerala but due to financial problems, travelling expenses, and the Manipur safety situations, she is no longer attending. She is now in the Blessings School in Yeasom Village. So we ask for your kind support and prayer for her study career! I shall remain ever thankful to you!

Yours in Christ, Wochungla Jajo