(GRADUATED) Varechan Shinglai

Born: 1999

Varechan Shinglai was born on 5 August, 1999 at Kasom Khullen Village. Kasom Khullen is a sub-division in Ukhrul District, Manipur. It is about 80 km from the capital. His father, Phungreishim Singlai, is the youngest in the family. According to the customary practice of the society, the youngest inherited nothing from the family as the eldest takes the family share. Therefore, every year he had to cultivate from one to another on the basis of lease. His family is under the poverty line. Crippled by the economic problems he had to stop his eldest son, Varechan Shinglai from going to school. Fortunately, the prospect of sending him back to school came to light when he met a friend who had a contact with the Precious Children’s Home in Kerala in 2008. Varechan had the opportunity to study at the home for 2 years. Unfortunately, the sudden deterioration of law and order and social unrest in Manipur arose in the months of May and June and he was unable to go back to the children’s home. He is now in his village. As the father of Varechan, I appeal you to kindly extend your help and your prayers so that my son can go back to school once again. Your help, be it small or great, will always be treasured in heaven, and our family will remain ever grateful.