(SPONSORED) Thotmaya Elue

Born: Class VI

My name is Runmila Elui mother of Thotmaya Elui. I have four children. Thotmaya is the youngest son among my children. He’ll be going to school from this year onward. I and my husband is a cultivator. Being a cultivator, we work hard every day but, we earn very little because the wages are too low. Therefore it is very hard for us to run a family. We cannot impart a good education to our children. We always faced the financial problem.

So it is our prayer that you’ll give your mercy. And hope to get your kind love and care for my son and my family. Thanking you.

Yours in Christ

Runmila Elui

Class: VI

Father: Shanglem Elui

Mother: Runmila Elui

Village: Yeasom

Other info: Christian, 6 years old, parents alive, poor income and no gov. employment, one brother and two sisters (Somiwon class IX) good at studies.

Thotmaya Class VI