(SPONSORED) Theishing Jajo

Born: Class VIII

Dear Sponsor, I am really glad to write this short letter to you. I have been prayig for my last son Theising for his studies. From the day his mother left us, the only thing I desire is to give him good education. I try my best to be a good father to my children. Due to poverty, i have to stop my children from going to school. But i thank God for the principal of Blessing Academy, Yeasom who always help me in educating my children. So i pray that you would continue to help my son in his studies. I will continue to uphold in my daily prayer. May the Lord bless you. (Mr. Phungshim)

Class: VIII
Father: Phungshim
Mother: Wochungla (deceased)
Village: Yeasom

Other info: Christian, 14 years old, parents alive but poor, five siblings good at football and dancing.

Theishing Jajo Class VIII