(SPONSORED) Soreishang

Born: Class VI

With utmost respect and humble prayer, I would like to state a few lines on the above mentioned subject. As a widow with lots of problems in my family I could not give my children a good education. My husband’s life was very short on this earth but as a woman it was very hard for me to take the burden alone so, I married another person hoping that he will help me in bringing up the children but he also passed away giving me another two children as a gift. I have no one to help me in carrying out my difficulties.

Therefore, I honestly pray for your help in giving support for the studies of my son Soreishang.

Thanking you

In Christ


Class: VI

Father: Keikhanring (deceased)

Mother: Reimila

Village: Risophung

Other info: 12 years old, Christian, father deceased, poor income, one brother and one sister (Ramsing class IX, Ringphala) good at singing.

Soreishang Class VI