(GRADUATED) Ringyuiwon SP

Born: 4/29/2005

Dear Sponsor,
I am Simiso, father of Ringyuiwon of Yeasom Village Ukhrul District. I have two sons and one daughter. We have owned a small paddy field land to cultivate, which is not enough to grow for a family. It is very hard to face the burden of my family. Our family is in a very hard condition, so we want your help. I could not send my children to school for education properly with this few amount. With two children, I hardly sent my youngest daughter to Blessings Academy since 2011.

Signed, Shinmiso
Father of Ringyuiwon

Class: VII

Father: Shinmiso

Mother: Worthemla

Village: Yeasom

Other info: Below poverty line, no brothers and sisters in the school, brilliant and great at studies.