Sponsorship Information

(SPONSORED) Ringphala

Born: Class IX

I am glad to share little bit about my testimony as how I find hard to support my children education.

God blessed me with six children but unfortunately I was left as widow since three years as my husband died in heart attack and Blood pressure stroke. I have a father-in-law who is in his old age and he is to be fed by spoon every day. And I also have a sister who is sick for ten years now and she is lying on the bed. Along with my children and two sick people are fed by me through my daily wages being earned.

I have been praying to God to help me to educate my children since many years and thank God because He answered my prayer by knowing your ministry. Therefore I humbly pray to help my child Ringphala to admit in the Blessings Academy.

Thanking you


Class: VI

Father: Keikhanring (deceased)

Mother: Reimila

Village: Rishophung

Other info: 12 years old, Christian, father is deceased, no employment in the family, hand to mouth living, two brothers at Blessings Academy (Ramsing class V, Soreishang class II) She is good in studies.