(GRADUATED) Rinchuingam Sp

Born: ????

Rinchuingam and his family live in Yeasom, a small village in the Ukhrul District, Manipur. It’s about 50 km from the Imphal town. His village is comprised of about 30 houses, most of the households are predominantly cultivators. Rinchuingam was born on the 22nd of Sept, 2000 and has 4 siblings. He is the second eldest in the family. His mother bereaved the family in 2008 when he was 8. His father, Sp Yuirishang is unemployed and earns hand-to-mouth to feed his children. As the children now grow older, sending them to school has become a challenge for him. Sometimes, he moves from place to place in search of employment at the expense of leaving the children alone at home. His son, Rinchuingam, had the opportunity to study at the Precious Children’s Home in Kerala from 2008 to early 2010. Unfortunately, the chance to continue his schooling at the children’s home ended when he came home to spend his vacation at his village, and the state of Manipur declined during the months of May and June. Financial constraints of the family also did not allow for him to continue his education. I request your help in any form for my son to go back to school and get his rightful education. My children and I will consider your help most excellent.

Yours faithfully, Sp. Yuiruishang