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(SPONSORED) Ravansing J

Born: Class IX

By grace of God, I got 6 children (4 girls and 2 boys). But due to my weakness, I could not care for the children properly. For I don’t have proper house for sheltering. I don’t have finances to support my beloved children for their studies. I have no source of income except daily wages which are spent for hand to mouth alone. I am very upset seeing the poor children but I have no means to do further than as I am. I have a little hope that one of my children, Ravansing Jajo, is reading in Blessings Academy.

Phungshim Jajo
Father of Ravansing Jajo

Class: V

Father: Phungshim

Mother: Wochungla (deceased)

Village: Yeasom

Other info: 12 years old, Christian, mother passed away, very poor family, one brother at Blessings Academy (Theishing class III) good in sports.