Sponsorship Information


Born: Class VIII

With greetings and blessings from the Lord, I write this letter of seeking help to you for my child’s education. As a widow and daily wages earner I do not have any hope to give good education to my children. However, with much faith and prayer I admitted my child in Blessings Academy wanting to see my child growing in the ways of God. Yet, I have no hope to help and support the studies. Therefore I seek your consideration in helping my child get the best education he can through your valuable helping hands. And I pray that the Lord will greatly reward your ministry.

In Christ


Class: V

Father: Gaikhanring (deceased)

Mother: Reimila

Village: Rishophung

Other info: 10 years old, father deceased, mother working as cultivator, two younger brothers and one older sister, (Ringphala class VI, and Soreishang class II).