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(GRADUATED) Ngarinwon S

Born: 2001

I am honored to tell you about my family background. My husband is unemployed and I am a house wife. We are blessed with 4 children. In 1995 I was in an accident and suffered a major injury to my backbone. Since my accident, and my husband’s unemployment from cultivation, we have been unable to look after our children. My daughter, Ngarinwon, was in the “Precious Children’s Home” in Kerala for 2 years from 2008-2009 with the help of our brother Jamishon who took her there for her studies. But because of the safety situations in Manipur and the travel expenses, she had to stop going to Kerala. Therefore, we pray for your kind support for our child’s schooling and shall ever thank you for your actions.

Yours in Him, S. Huimils

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