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(SPONSORED) Khulungso J

Born: Class IX

My Dear Friend,
Today I want to write a letter to my friend and tell my family background and living conditions. I have 7 children, 4 sons and 3 daughters. I want to give them education but our condition is very poor. So we cannot support them to learn education. I pray for your kind help to give education and needs. May God bless you. Thank you and yours faithfully,
Signed, Ringrei
Father of Khulungso

Class VI

Father: Khulungso

Mother: Ningreiwon
DOB: 9-22-2005
Yeasom Village

Other info: 11 years old, Chrisitan, parents alive, poor family, three brothers including his twin Tuisingam and three sisters, older sister Timchuila graduated from Blessings Academy, good in high jump.