(SPONSORED) Khanimwon Shimphrui

Born: Class IX

I have 2 children. Cultivation is my profession. My father died when I was young and therefore I inherited nothing from my family. After marrying, we had 2 children. Khanimwon is the oldest one and is in IX class at the present time. Because I am leading a life of poverty, the continuation of my daughter’s education is uncertain. I ask for your kindness in sponsoring my daughter for the continuation of her future study. Thank you.

Yours faithfully, Wungchipem Shimphrui

Class: IX

Father: Ungchipem

Mother: Asui

Village: Yeasom

Other info: 14 years old, Christian, parents alive but not employed, two sisters (Chansophy class VIII) good at sports.

Khanimwon Shimphrui Class IX