It is by the grace of God that I have got such opportunity to share with you. These are the few sentences that I am expressing you about my family situation. My name is Ruthing Jajo. I have 6 children. But I cannot impart them quality education. One of my sons and my daughter have dropped their studies because of my physical weaknesses. Being a cultivator, I and my wife have a lot of problem about financial shortage. And because of that I cannot fulfill my children’s school fees and study equipments from the beginning of the school session. And therefore my children are facing many obstacles in their study career due to our poor family condition. So it is our prayer to you to kindly help my children and give them your love and care in their studies. We will always remember you in our future and our prayers. Thanking you. Yours faithfully,
Ruthing Jajo (Father)
Tabitha (Mother)

Yeasom Village
Class VI