(SPONSORED) Chingrimaya

Born: Class VII

From Principal at Blessings Academy:

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I write this letter on behalf of Miss Chingrimaya and her brother Tharmugn. Both came from a far distance to continue their studies. They love to be here in spite of all their difficulties. Their parents want to send them to mission school at Blessing’s Academy to gain knowledge at the same time they want them to grow in the Christian training atmosphere. Because of this even though they have financial crisis with much difficulties to bear, seeing their parents condition I would be extremely grateful if someone could extent financial support by sponsoring them to lighten their burden and at the same time let them grow in the Lord.
It’s my prayer that someone would assist them in this way. I shall be looking forward for the positive result with anticipation. Thank you.

Chingrimaya Awungshi Class VII