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(Graduated) Alemboy S

Born: 2005

First of all, I thank our Almighty God for all the blessings the He has bestowed upon us. Secondly, I am glad that I can write and disclose my family background to one who is willing to read it with humanity and compassion. I am blessed with two lovely children. Unfortunately, my wife got to be a heart patient. I do carpentry work, through which I earn a meager wage. In fact, I find it hard to meet my family management. So, I beseech for your love and affection towards my family especially to my helpless son who needs to be sent to school and get education. I hope, it is with your sacrifice only that my son can lead to a better future. May the gracious God bless you abundantly and give you a long life. Yours in Christ, 
Father of Asemboy

Class 1
DOB: 5-4-2005
Ngaupilung Village