Abel Ngasam

Born: Class IX

Ng Abel is born and brought up in a Christian family. I teach him with the word of God from the very moment of his childhood. He is one of my beloved sons with a good moral and God fearing attitude. He has a brave heart for the Lord, as I guide him with God’s word. Today he can stand firm in his faith even in critical circumstances. Being a Christian family we have been undergoing so many kinds of threatening and domestic violence. We will never lose our faith and we testify the Gospel is in action. 

My husband Ng Sanachaoba passed away Jan 27, 2014. This has created financial crises in my family. Being a widow is hard and causes many people to treat us badly. I kindly uphold Ng Abel my son in prayer that he will be a great instrument in the kingdom of our everlasting God.

His beloved mother,

Ng Sanahanbi

Class: IX

Father: Sanachaoba (deceased)

Mother: Sanahanbi

Village: Kongpal

Other info: 15 years old, Christian, father deceased and mother not employed, one sister and one younger brother; good at sports.

Abel Ngasam Class IX_2