Sponsorship Information

(SPONSORED) Ringampou

Born: Class VI

From Principal at Blessings Academy:

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I would like to introduce to you a young and very talented boy. His name is Ringampou. He is reading in Class IV. He is a very good and talented boy. He has four sisters and he is the second youngest among the siblings. His the only boy. His father is just a simple cultivator and mother is looking after the children. They cannot send all the children to school because of financial problems to educate all of them. So the parents are sending Ringampou to school but still they are facing so many problems in order to fulfill Ringampou’s needs.

So this is my humble prayer that someone sponsor him so he may be able to rise up and become the great help that his family needs. We trust that you kindly consider him. Thank you.