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(GRADUATED) Nengfelly Pulamte


We are glad to write a short testimony of our family. We are from Thangsa village. Our sources of income is from shifting cultivation. God gifted us with four children. We wanted to see our children getting good education. The government school of our state are not functioning in our hill areas. They promise free education but the teacher at the school attend the school once or twice in a week. For all these reason we have to look for a private school or an NGO school. We are not able to pay full payment for our children’s education because of our low income. We thank God our eldest daughter got admission at your school. Truly speaking, I am satisfied the way they teach and the way they treat the children. We beg your prayer to pray for our daughter Nengfelly for her education. May the Lord bless your ministry.
With respect,
Lalpu (Father)
Kimshang (Mother)

Thangsa Village
Class IV