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(SPONSORED) Jenebies Dangmei

Born: Class V

With due respect and honor we the undersigned would like to write a short testimony of our family. We are uneducated and unemployed. We depend on the sessional variation for our support. We have to work and earn for our day to day life as we have no fields or our own land to cultivate. We have to work all kinds of work that we could in order to support our family. It is really hard to pay full payment for our children’s education. We kindly pray that you help us by extending your helping hands for our daughter Jenebies of Class I. We will pray to the Lord to open a way for you and your people. God Bless NICCE.
With Respect,
John Dangmei (Father)
Koko Dangmei (Mother)

Karpursungba Village
Class I