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(GRADUATED) Christina S.


Dear Madam/Sir,
I really thank God for giving me such an opportunity to share with you. My name is Hopeson Shanglai. I have one brother and four sisters. They all are younger to me. My mom and dad are cultivators. My family is so big that my parents alone cannot afford us a proper education. We are still living in poverty and by hand to mouth. I myself am doing graduation and I face a lot of problems both physically and financially. Here in our hilly region it is very hard to earn money. And therefore, I ask your sympathy to look upon my family weaknesses and give us your kind help and cares to my younger sisters in their studies. We will always remember you in our prayers. Thanking you,
Hopeson Shanglai
Elder brother of Christina

Onreison (Father)
Latingla (Mother)
Yeasom Village
Class V